Yesterday, Y and I went for a walk in Dietzenbach. It is a really nice city, close to nature and with a city center were you can find everything you need. The city has got different suburbs and Y lives in the suburb called Steinberg, and that is also where we walked.

DSC_3179 kopiera

This is is my home in Dietzenbach

DSC_3182 kopiera

DSC_3184 kopiera

The neighbourhood

DSC_3186 kopiera

The Town Hall – Das Rathaus

DSC_3190 kopiera

A shopping centre were you can find a supermarket, drug store, MediaMarkt, Intersport and so on..

DSC_3192 kopiera

The nice area right outside the shopping centre. Die schönen Häuser gefallen mir sehr.

DSC_3195 kopiera

Bus and train station, it takes just about 15 minutes to walk from Y’s place to the the station.

DSC_3194 kopiera

Another shopping mall, and just like we have ICA and Coop in Hässleholm, Dietzenbach has got REWE, tegut and Lidl (which is a store we know from back home aswell)

DSC_3198 kopiera

There is a circus in Dietzenbach (obviously) that operates during the summer/autumn, but the big tent is there all year. The circus is connected – and belongs – to Y’s former school, and the pupils of the school are taking part of the circus. I remember I just laughed the first time Y told me he was a circus artist once… When I visited Y in September we watched the annual show, and some of his friends are still taking part of the circus although they already finished school. Talk to you guys soon again!

And yea….



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